Volunteers Wanted

MSSA is an organization run by volunteers. We are always taking those who are offering to help out in one way or another. Take a look at the opportunities below and if you can help out or volunteer some of your time, please contact us and let us know. These are all volunteer positions.

Treasurer's Assistant
We could use some help with some of the financial duties of the organization. This may include some simple bookkeeping or helping out with online store sales. Person could be used to help the Treasurer in his duties in whatever capacity he needs. Person would need to have a working knowledge of the internet and be able to understand how to log in to websites, copy and paste information, use email proficiently and overall be comfortable working with a computer. MUST BE A MEMBER OF MSSA.

Secretary's Assistant
We need a volunteer who can help with secretary duties. This may include helping with processing new membership information, helping with the MSSA newsletter and be able to respond to emails requesting information or pass emails along to the right MSSA board member to answer and respond. Duties might include helping with minutes at board meetings. We would prefer someone who is comfortable using a computer and email. MUST BE AN MSSA MEMBER.

Online Store Manager
This would be a good job for someone who is comfortable online. We need someone who can work with email, feels comfortable logging in to a website and understanding working in a computer environment. We have shirts, hats, car safes and other retail materials that need to be sold online but don't have someone who can take the time to fill the orders. So the volunteer would need to be able to login and check the website for any recent sales, box up the product, and deliver to post office. MUST BE AN MSSA MEMBER.