MSSA Board of Directors

If you wish to contact one of our board members, please feel free to use the contact form on the contact page and your message will be forwarded to the intended recipient.


Kevin Jamison (Apr 2017) - President

Donald Merritt (Apr 2017) - Vice-President

Lee Koester (Apr 2016) - Secretary/Treasurer and Newsletter Editor

Greg Meredith (Apr 2017) - Executive Officer

Directors At Large

Dale Barron (Apr 2018)

Terry Brookman (Apr 2017)

Eric Burger (Apr 2017)

Mary Butler (Apr 2016)

James Jungers (Apr 2018)

John Leinberger (Apr 2016) - Director of Junior Programs

Mona Oliver (Apr 2017)

Zac Painter (Apr 2018)

Mike Seevers (Apr 2018)

Chris Shoffner (Apr 2018)

Vince Winkeler (Apr 2016) - Webmaster

Don Wynne (Apr 2018)

open board seat  (term ends Apr 2016)

open board seat  (term ends Apr 2016)